The Finest African Wildlife Safari Experiences

Leopard in Samburu Kenya


There are few places on earth with as much wonder, variety and sheer natural beauty as Africa. This vast continent is home to a plethora of landscapes, climates, wildlife and cultures. So, if you are looking for an unforgettable experience that will take your breath away and leave you wanting more and more, then why not consider an Africa safari? Heading off on a wildlife safari in Africa can be a real magical experience. Nothing comes close to the sheer wonder and beauty of the diverse and rich wildlife reserves you’ll ever experience. And the best thing is, getting close to nature like this is now easier than ever. Africa Safari Classics knows Africa better than anyone else and will go extra mile to ensure that your Africa Safari holiday is full of adventure, relaxing and creates memories of a lifetime. There is no better way to enjoy these incredible world treasures than by going on a safari and experiencing the magnificence of the continent first hand. In almost every designated wilderness location within the continent, you will see plains herbivores and carnivores engaging amidst rare and endangered species. The skies, floras and lakes are abuzz with birdlife, small and large, raptors, insects, plants and fruit eaters.


Kicheche Bush Camp

Unforgetable African Wildlife Safaris

We offer truly amazing Kenya safari holidays as well as tours in Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda and Botswana. All of our safari packages have a range of unique features which make them different to any other safari holiday you will ever experience. With each one of our unique African safari itineraries, you can not only view stunning animals in their natural wild habitat, but also relax in luxurious accommodation and experience unrivalled service from our friendly and helpful professionals. Unforgettable encounters with wildlife, awe-inspiring scenery and fascinating cultures – that’s what an African safari is all about.We offer a huge and exciting variety of travel options including glamorous tented camps in all of Africa’s prime game viewing areas and up-close encounters with mountain gorillas in off the beaten track Rwanda and Uganda. Something about this vast ancient landscape gets into your blood and colors your dreams. Sinking off to sleep your restless city mind slips away giving back vivid images of wildebeest moving in a slow pulse across broad plains and zebras weaving a canvas of kinetic stripes.


Leopard in Samburu Kenya

Romantic Safari Holidays

Africa Safari Classics will provide you with a range of romantic safari options that create unforgettable memories lasting forever. We can offer you unique honeymoon packages that will be the perfect start to your future married life. You will get an opportunity to stay in a luxurious hideaway on Funzi Island, experience delicious local culinary delights and enjoy beautiful views of the beach – allowing you to witness the beautiful African sunset in all of its glory. Imagine the excitement of setting out at dawn on your first game drive, full of anticipation and in awe of your surroundings and the thrill of first setting eyes on a magnificent male lion with his resplendent mane – truly the king of beasts. On safari, romance needn’t go amiss. Enjoy secluded accommodation, dine by candlelight deep in the African bush, and take a sunrise hot-air balloon flight over the rolling plains followed by a Champagne breakfast. The African bush has a magic and a sense of freedom that is uplifting and leaves one, as Karen Blixen wrote, “bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive”.

Rhinos Walking


Beautiful Kenya Wildlife Safaris

Embark on an African safari in the majestically beautiful Amboseli National Park where you can capture iconic shots of elephants with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. Kenya safari holidays with Africa Safari Classics will take you to various delightful locations and experience stunning wildlife views across the open plains of OL Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia, visit the protected Rhino and Chimpanzee sanctuaries, witness rare species of animals such as the long necked Gerenuk, Grevy’s Zebra and the Beisa Oryx in Samburu Game Reserve. All our safari itineraries include the world famous  Maasai Mara Game Reserve. This wonder of the world is situated on the northern tip of the Serengeti National Park and is home to a large population of big cats, all the Big Five and a big variety of other wildlife. We will provide you with a wide range of travel options during your African safari and you will be greeted every time upon arrival and departure by well-trained and experienced safari driver guides who will help you to explore everything this world famous safari destination has to offer.

Serengeti Serena Lodge

Customized African Safari Holidays

We can help you design your very own personalized safari experience by customizing an itinerary that meets both your safari needs and budget. Whether you only want a Kenya Safari, or you would like to combine this with a beach holiday or a gorilla safari, or both, we can customize your itinerary to suit your very own specific wishes.

Unique Family Gateways

For an experience your family will never forget, you should be sure to choose an African wildlife safari from us. This experience will enable you to connect with nature and witness wildlife in its most natural and beautiful form. A safari holiday is perfect for families with children, as there is always something new and exciting to do each day; filled with excitement and memorable moments that will create memories of a lifetime.



This was the trip of a lifetime!

Wow… This was the trip of a lifetime! I felt like I was living in a National Geographic documentary the entire time I was on Safari! I was part of the group of three ladies and totally fell in love with Africa and hope to return in the next few years and will certainly be making my holiday arrangements with Maurice of Africa Safari Classics again. He was super professional and spot on with all his itinerary suggestions to make our safari feel seamless, effortless and completely stress free! Assigning us Jones, the safari guide/driver was a stroke of luck for us, as he fitted in so wonderfully with our dynamics, that we had the most awesome time. Not only did we learn a lot about Kenya/Africa and all the wonderful wildlife, but we also had lots of laughs with him and felt super safe the entire time! The gorilla tracking in Rwanda is also an absolute must, as this was the most incredible animal encounter I have ever experienced!  AFRICA…… I’ll be back!! : Michaela Moller, Cairns, Australia.

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If you love adventure, animals and beautiful sites, you are sure to love our African wildlife safaris. We will ensure that you experience your dream safari holiday in style and will without any doubt leave you wanting to return for yet another exciting adventure. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you to make the best choice of an African wildlife safari which is value for money, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best African safari holiday at the most competitive price. We only offer the most magnificent sites for our African wildlife safari holidays, and are passionate about making your experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Whether you require a Kenya safari, family vacation, gorilla safari, adventure safari, wildlife safari or honeymoon experience, we can provide you with the perfect choice suitable for your needs and budget.

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