Lamu Island

The old Swahili town of Lamu is a living museum of African, Islamic and Arabian culture that dominated the East African coast for hundreds of years. Lamu is cast into the Indian Ocean off the North coast of Kenya and is heir to a distinctive age-old tradition. Rich in history and culture and blessed with exquisite natural beauty, the Lamu archipelago has welcomed travellers for over a thousand years. It is a magical place of long white sandy beaches, rolling sand dunes dotted with palms, turquoise seas and bounteous marine life. The Swahili people who inhabit the islands are merchants, fishermen, dhow builders and sailors, many of who still practise these old trades for their livelihood. The islands are dotted with fishing villages and ancient towns, including Lamu Old Town where donkeys remain the main mode of transport. Visitors to Lamu are warmly welcomed by smiling faces into a culture that flows in peaceful harmony with the ocean and the seasonal monsoon winds.

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Manda Bay is a stylish luxurious resort that stands out clearly as Kenya's best barefoot beach hideaway. It is a small boutique resort located on the North-western tip of Manda Island on one of the many unspoiled, idyllic islands of the Lamu archipelago where you can indulge in simplistic beauty in palm thatched cottages and open living spaces. This cozy hide out is surrounded by miles of soft white sand beach and is the most perfect retreat for couples, families and honeymooners. Each of the 16 spacious Swahili thatched banda cottages is designed to maximize the sweeping views and catch the cool sea breezes and built to match the local landscape using local materials. All the cottages have en-suite bathrooms, private verandas and are spread out behind the sea wall directly on the waterfront overlooking the Indian Ocean while others are scattered in the palm trees behind. The cottages are huge giving sense of space and tranquility. Food is fantastic and the Kitchen staff will make every effort to ensure that every guest does get exactly what they want to eat. Manda Bay is known for its excellent boating activities that include windsurfing, waterskiing, dhow safaris, banana rides, fly-fishing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing.


The Majlis is a private owner managed idyllic, stylish, unique and luxurious beach resort situated in the heart of Kenya on Manda Island, Lamu. It is a perfect blend of local tradition, Swahili culture, western comforts and top notch luxury. Initially built as a private family retreat, The Majlis offers an African ‘home-away-from-home’ experience for all who visit. It was built with love and finished in beauty and offers elegant and luxurious accommodation in understated design complementing the natural beauty of Lamu and its tropical location. The resort directly faces Lamu Island and comprises of superbly appointed rooms that open onto the white sand beach and boasts of private verandas with panoramic sea views. The Majlis Restaurant is a focal point of the hotel due to its unique architecture and excellent cuisine featuring International, Italian and Swahili dishes. The Restaurant’s cuisine tastefully combines international dishes with the best local produce and fresh seasonal ingredients, making it the finest dining venue in the Lamu archipelago. Various recreational activities here focus on wellness, fitness, massage, spa, swimming, adventure, sailing, biking, water sports and deep sea fishing.


The Red Pepper House is an extraordinary beach hide out. It is located a stone’s throw from the historical Lamu town and provides a combination of real African culture and laid-back beach life. Its the most perfect place where you can catch your breath, relax and immerse yourself in the local Swahili culture, offering the utmost in indulgence and relaxation. The resort is nestled between a heavenly beach and an enchanting forest allowing guests to experience the magic of both worlds and lose themselves in the contrasting sounds of Africa. The Red Pepper House is a place where the local Swahili culture is showcased and its remote location continues to preserve the magic of this pristine destination. Guest accommodation comprises of just five nyumbas (houses), each with a living area and veranda with perfect view of the ocean and an aura that echoes Swahili culture. The bathrooms have spacious showers and all superior suites offer lovely sea views and feature an open air bathroom. Each Nyumba has a private butler and meals are served on the veranda or in the dining area. The Red Pepper House specializes in delicious Swahili and Mediterranean cuisine.


Kizingo is a beach coastal wilderness and a secluded place to experience very informal atmosphere and unmatched hospitality. Kizingo Lodge offers barefoot luxury and uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean. This stunning lodge is set on a remote tip of Lamu on the Northern coast of Kenya and comprises of 8 beachfront bandas (cottages). All the cottages sit on the edge of the 9 mile stretch of beach and are set apart from each other giving maximum privacy. Each cottage has a spectacular view looking out across the ocean teaming with wonderful natural sea life. In each banda you will find a King Sized bed romantically draped with mosquito netting. Locally handmade table and chairs are provided for guests to sit and enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and beyond. Dining at Kizingo is an experience to look forward to during your stay. Delicious meals are prepared in the restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean using fresh local produce and ingredients. Fish and seafood are the specialities and guests can dine on the balcony of their banda or join others in the dining room with the magnificent views across the bay where giant baobab trees spread into the brilliant blue sky.