Zambia, which is a landlocked country, has so much on offer including the magnificent Zambezi River. This river is the fourth largest in Africa and it runs from the centre of this huge landmass to the Indian Ocean. It holds particular appeal among many of those keen to experience a wilder side to this part of the world because it has been less developed than a number of other waterways and there are plenty of areas along its banks that enjoy protected status. This makes it ideal for those keen to spot some of the continent’s wildlife. Among the creatures that are commonly seen along and near to the banks of this life giving water source are buffalo, elephants, hippos and big cats.

A safari holiday in Zambia is not complete without a visit to Lower Zambezi. This park gives greater opportunity to get close to the animals. Various safari activities available in this area of the country include river safaris, canoe trips and fishing. During such activities it is extremely common practice to see elephants, zebras, impalas, buffalo, baboons and hippos. Just a reminder, those planning to set off on Zambia Safari Holidays should take with them a sturdy pair of hiking boots as walking safaris in Zambia are very popular. This helps ensure that individuals can make the most of any guided walks provided.

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Lusaka, Livingstone, Lower Zambezi, South Luangwa, Victoria Falls, Lusaka