What to Expect in Balloon Safaris in Kenya

You can’t say you’ve visited the Masai Mara without experiencing the balloon safaris in Kenya. Hot air ballooning has become so popular in Kenya, especially in tourist prone regions like the Masai Mara. It’s the kind of ride that takes adventure to the next level. So if you ever get a chance to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, take advantage of it.

Balloons Safaris when in Safari in Kenya

Here’s what you should expect in Kenya balloon flights.

Sensation and spectacle

Taking the ride for the first time is going to be a thrilling experience for you. The experience is even better if you are going for balloon safaris in Kenya with your family or friends. You will see the landscape of the region in a completely different and stunning way. Everything will appear so magical once you are up there and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to take that ride.

 A closer and more fulfilling game viewing

Hot air ballooning is mostly preferred by tourists visiting the Masai Mara National Reserve because they get a closer look at the park. It allows you to see the animals up close and witness the beauty of the Great Wildebeest Migration. It gives you the real perspective of how the animals gather in masses and travel together as one beautiful pack. You don’t have to disturb animals in their own home like it happens when you are on a tour van. Balloon safaris in Kenya allow you to watch over animals up close without disrupting their activities.

The beauty of balloon safaris in kenya

Peace and quiet

Sometimes all you want to experience is a quiet and relaxing trip with your loved one. The hot air ballooning gives you an opportunity to enjoy the moment and marvel at the beauty of the scenery. After the flight, you can also relax and get to digest all the marvel that you have experienced in the ballooning safari.

A short but exciting trip

Most balloon flights can take up to one hour. You usually start early in the morning when it’s calm and the air is cold. The balloonists take like 10 minutes to prepare as you sip a cup of coffee and wait for your trip. The height for flying will depend on what your pilot decides. The pilot can drop lower so that you can get a close look at the wild animals or go high up above over the canopies.

balloon safaris in kenya national parks

Balloon Safaris in Kenya

Balloon flights have become so popular and it’s something you really can’t afford to miss when travelling to the Masai Mara. You can get in touch with us to find the best balloon safaris in Kenya perfectly suited for your needs and budget.








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