Safety Measures while on Kenya Safari Tours

We all love traveling and the thought of going into an African Safari to experience the wild away from TV screens is simply thrilling. Kenya still remains Africa’s most popular safari destination and one of the most popular safari destinations while in Kenya is the Masai Mara National Reserve. Everyone who has ever thought about Africa and Kenya at large usually has a picture of animals roaming about the streets. This might not be entirely true, but it’s a fact that Kenya has the world’s most popular animals, and prides itself of Kenya’s big five. Taking Kenya Safari Tours is an opportunity of a lifetime that not many people would want to miss out on.

Kenya Safari Tours - Safety Measure while on Safari

While on Kenya tour safaris, your safety should be your number one priority. There are usually rules and regulations to be followed to ensure your safety. Below are some of the safety measures that you can take in order to stay safe as you enjoy your safari in Kenya:

Always have a guide with you

When on Kenya Safaris Tours, you will definitely need someone who knows the place better than you do. Be sure to take a trusted safari guide with you to show you around. The good thing about having a guide is that, they are always experienced and all too familiar with the terrains. They know when it is best to visit and when it is not. Remember to always listen to the guide. When they tell you to back off, please back off because it is for your safety.

Zip up your tents

If you decide to go out camping in the bush, make sure your tent is well zipped up before you fall asleep. When the tents are zipped up, it definitely keeps the predators away. But when they aren’t, the animals lurking around might be curious and when they get some through way into the tent, it might pose a major danger to the occupant(s) of the tent.

Wind up your car or truck windows

Even in the wild, you can still lose your belongings if you do not take care of them. The monkeys and baboons in Africa have a mind almost similar to that of human beings and therefore, if you fail to secure your belongings, you will find them missing. This is especially true with foodstuff and other belongings that are not heavy like small cameras, phones etc. Apart from losing your belongings, you might end up in a confrontation with these creatures when you try to salvage your property and this can pose danger to you. The last thing you want to do is get into a fight with the animals.

Safety Measures Kenya Safari Tours

Sleep under treated mosquito nets or use repellant

Kenya is prone to malaria parasites and visitors are often advised to take care of themselves in order to keep off the malaria causing parasites. You can do this by either using a mosquito repellant or sleep under a treated mosquito net. In case you feel any signs of malaria, then it is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as you can.

Always stay in the car

While out for game drives many times people have been tempted to get out of the vehicle in order to get the best shots. This is a dangerous attempt and poses a huge risk to your life. Try as much as possible to stay inside the vehicle. You can zoom in and out from your camera for the best shots, but try as much as you can to stay in the car unless your guide says it is safe to step out.

It is mandatory to take safety measures while on Kenya Safari Tours. You are here to unwind, have fun and just relax. Keep the safety measures in mind and enjoy your tour!








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