Planning a Safari in Kenya- The Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone deserves a safari holiday at least once in their lifetime and visiting Kenya for safaris is a dream come true to many. If you are planning a safari in Kenya, prepare yourself for some real adventure the African style. Get prepared to meet the magnificent animals, some rare species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Prepare to interact with very friendly locals, enjoy delicious cuisine and a beautiful nightlife. Brace yourself to spend time in some really nice lodges or tent camps and experience a different kind of living in this one of a kind East African paradise. Here’s what you need to know when going for a safari in Kenya.

When to go for a safari in Kenya

To get the most of your experience, do your research and travel for a safari holiday in Kenya at specific months. The perfect timing will depend on you because Kenya is one of those places that are great to visit all year round. However, if your safari in Kenya is aimed at wildlife viewing then try to visit during the dry seasons, which starts late June and ends in October.

The main reason why visiting parks in Kenya during the dry season is highly recommended is because you are likely to spot wildlife easier when it’s not raining and the bush is less dense. July to October is a period that is well known for the wildebeest migration. For those

If you are targeting the famous wildebeest migration, plan your safari holiday sometime between July and October. But wildlife viewing is typically good in Kenya throughout the year. Remember also that it also depends on the park you intend to visit. For those drier parks, the best time to visit would be June to October and January to February but the high season, where parks such as Masai Mara are usually crowded, starts from July to November.

Getting Ready for a Safari in Kenya

Like all other vacations, you’ll need to prepare well for a safari in Kenya. Planning should begin as soon as possible so that you can find the best camps, especially if you desire to travel during the peak months. Some of the best camps are usually fully booked during the high seasons which run from July through October.

To avoid a lot of planning, you may want to take a comprehensive safari package that covers everything from the accommodation to flights and places to visit. Chances are good that you will be taking a flight to Nairobi and then travelling to your desired destination. So to start off, you need to do some research on your travel.  Make sure you research also on the rates so that you can get the fairest price on your travel.

getting ready for safari in kenya

For many foreigners, much of what they know about Kenya is what they see from the media. No country can be 100% safe, so as you plan to go on safari, take the necessary security precautions. Avoid walking at night or in crowded places and always leave your valuables in the hotel. If you will be staying in a tented camp, make sure you carry some mosquito repellant and enough sunscreen. Make sure you get every detail about your trip, the places you intend to visit and the rates to avoid any inconveniences during or after your trip.

What to expect while on a Safari

Kenya is home to some of the most popular wild animals in the world. You’ll have a number of parks to choose from depending on what you want to see and the areas you wish to visit on your travel. Expect to see herds of zebras, wildebeests, some rare species of birds and a few reptiles. You are likely to travel in a minivan that has a pop-up roof to get the best view.

In terms of the landscapes, areas like the Central region of Kenya have the kind of breathtaking beauty that makes your entire trip worthwhile. The beautiful Masai Mara ecosystem is also scenery to behold. You can also visit the beautiful coastal region and enjoy the coastline with diverse habitat. Be prepared to take lots of pictures while on your safari in Kenya.

The accommodation can be pretty cool especially if you book one of the luxury lodges in the Masai Mara. The lodges there are very exclusive and set right in the middle of the park for the ultimate camping experience. Most of the exclusive lodges will only accommodate 10 to 15 guests so you can get to enjoy a private safari in Kenya.

The Best of Kenya Safaris

Among the best places to go for a safari in Kenya is the Masai Mara. Best time to travel to the Mara is from June through November. You’ll get to witness the famous Wildebeest migration together with other wild animals such as antelopes, zebras and giraffes. Sleeping in a luxury tented camp in the middle of the bush will be an experience to remember. You get to enjoy life in the bush with a taste of luxury.

the best of Kenyan safaris

You may also want to travel to the Rift Valley region of Kenya and enjoy an immense flock of pink flamingos at the Lake Nakuru National Park. The Park is home to some beautiful flamingos and pelicans as well as rare wild animals like the Rothschild giraffes and black and white Columbus monkeys.

Travel to the Tsavo national park for the ultimate safari in Kenya. This is the home to the big five (rhino, leopard, lion, elephant and buffalo). This is one of the places that are rich in history with epic landscapes and very friendly locals.

If you are keen on seeing elephants with the longest tusks, visit the Amboseli National Park on your safari. Set in the backdrop of the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli is a beautiful place to spend your long-awaited safari.

Other areas well known for enjoyable safaris in Kenya include

  • Nairobi National Park
  • Marsabit National Park
  • Laikipia Plateau
  • Kakamega forest
  • Meru National Park

Regardless of where you plan to visit, be prepared for an exciting experience while on your safari in Kenya.







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