Kenya Safaris Photography Tips for Guests

Kenya is a beautiful country and it can be christened as a hotbed of natural beauty with interesting views and breathtaking sceneries. Anyone who happens to visit Kenya will never forget the experience they got here. Visitors always want to take pictures and carry these memories with them every time they are taking Kenya safaris.

photography tips safaris in kenya

Getting the best picture not only takes a good camera, but it requires skill and a bit of experience in capturing the beauty that nature beholds. You do not need to struggle or miss out on the beauty just because of a poor shot. Find out how you can take the best of pictures to carry home with you.

How to get better pictures while on Kenya safaris

The following are tips that will help you get the best picture while on a safari in Kenya:

Get Right camera for your Safari

This is basically the most important factor one needs to put in mind. Ensure that you have the best camera that will help capture the best shots for your memory bank before setting out for the trip. If need be you can take two or three cameras, when space allows cameras, so as to negate the need to change the lenses. Digital cameras have proven to give one the best and wonderful shots.

Keep the camera on during the Game Drives

Do not miss out on any moment while on your trip by keeping your camera off. Keep it on at all times as some magical moments happen only once and they do not last for long. Keeping your camera on ensures that you do not have to miss out on those little opportunities because you are still struggling to turn on your camera. Keep your eyes open and be sharp to capture more magical moments. Remember to have your camera batteries fully charged, or have another set of batteries just in case you need to change them.

safari in kenya photography tips

Patience while on Safari

Patience is a virtue, so they say and it applies even on Kenya safaris. Always stay calm and patient at all times while on a safari in Kenya, especially when you are not traveling on a private van or a jet. Be accommodating to other travelers too and should you need to take a picture from another angle, just be kind enough to ask the aides on how to go about it. Do not scare the animals away either. They love their natural habitat and when scared, they can be defensive which may pose a risk to you and other travelers.

Maintain Great Focus while Taking Photos

Ensured you focus well when taking shots, zoom in when you should, should out when you shoot, take the pictures from different angles. You have the liberty to delete the not so good pictures later on. That is why it is advisable that you take as many shots as possible. Also, do not just gaze through the lenses at all and miss out on other things that make the safaris in Kenya fun. You can engage in little chit chats with the rangers or other travelers on board. Be open minded and create contacts while on safari.

Always Stay safe while on Kenya safaris

Above all else, remember that your safety during your safari comes first. It is important to stay safe at all times during the safari. Listen to the conditions the safari aides give you before setting out for the trip. Do not break the rules and put your life in danger. You need to capture memories and take them back home and share with the rest and not have yourself injured or worse, dead. The pictures will not make any sense to you if you are not around to view them, and share the memories. Also look after your property so you won’t have to lose them. This might spoil an otherwise wonderful trip for you.

The above tips should be of great help to you as you prepare to go on Kenya Safaris. Taking a safari in Kenya is one of the dreams that most people have because of the fine weather, the natural habitat, the people and the food. Remember to take every bit of these moments to give you something to talk about when you are old.







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