First Timers Guide to Kenya Safaris

If all you have ever heard or ever known about wild Africa is what you read in books and watch on documentaries like Big Cat Diaries, then there is nothing you know really. Nothing in this world could ever prepare you for the real thing when you decide to personally come down to Africa and enjoy Kenya safaris.

East Africa is the most popular safari destination owing to the fact that some spectacular events happen, and still happens in this region. The Big Cat Diaries was filmed in Kenya’s most visited game reserve – Masai Mara National Reserve, while the 7th wonder of the world happen yearly right in the heart of East Africa – the wildebeest migration between Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Parks.

Kenya Safaris - A Simple Guide to First Timers

Different ways to go on Kenya Safaris

It can be a little tricky for first time visitors taking Kenya Safaris. Kenya is so vast with endless horizons and you might be spoilt for choice on where to go or have no idea at all. Being a first timer or not, the reasons for going on a safari haven’t changed much; to reach out and touch the wild and to spend some time in the sun. Here are a few ways you can go on Safaris in Kenya:

Travel on a budget

People have the misconception that traveling is for the rich. On the contrary, traveling is for everyone, whether rich or poor. You only must have the will to travel and ultimately you will always find a way. Once in Kenya, you can choose to travel by road instead of taking flights. This will help you keep the cost down a bit and it is also a good way of seeing more of Africa.

Travel in style

If taking road trips is not the ultimate definition of fun for you, and you don’t mind spending while on your safari, then you can choose to travel in style. There are a lot of possibilities when you choose style and class. You can have direct flights into the wild by light aircraft then you will have game drives in open four-wheel-drive vehicles purposely built for better viewing. Traveling in style also means getting yourself booked into one of the most exclusive luxury camps and lodges within the game reserve.

Mobile Camping

If you want to see Africa with close proximity without sacrificing too much camping then go for mobile camping. You will get more flexibility in the bush and have more fun if you are a lover of the outdoors. You will fall asleep with the sounds of lions roaring in the bush and wake up to the melodious sounds of birds. How great can that be?

First Time Africa Safaris


A safari down to Kenya does not necessarily end up in a game drive. This is particularly for those who love being physically fit. You can take a walk down the winding paths and get a thrilling experience in the wild. This mostly resonates with the bird lovers and those who have bird watching as their hobby. It is only by walking that you will be able to have a close view of the over 100 bird species available in Kenya.

Beach and bush safaris

This is an irresistible combination for anyone who is outgoing and loves the outdoors for what it has to offer. You can decide to pay tribute to the Kenyan wild first, then take a relaxing dive into the sandy beaches in the coastal region of Kenya. Or you can start your safari sun bathing on the sandy beaches then finish with a sojourn in the bush. The choice is ultimately yours!

Traveling with a guide can make a world of a difference in your Kenya Safaris. Do not forget to include one as a guide knows the best spots to visit and at what time. They will also be there to answer your questions and concerns, show you around and also guide you to be sure you are safe.








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