Why you Should Experience Kenya Tanzania Safaris

Whether you are traveling on a budget or in style, one thing remains, Kenya Tanzania Safaris will give you great memories and a sight to behold. Visiting Kenya and Tanzania will transfer you swiftly between two nations, two national parks, different cultures and one thing they share in common; wildebeest migration. This kind of travel, transfers you smoothly between national parks, cushy lodges and tented camps while still having the chance of a lifetime of going out and enjoying the adventures of the two East African Nations.

Amazing Facts about Kenya

When planning Kenya Tanzania Safaris, you need to have a rough idea of what these two nations are all about. The following are a few facts about Kenya that you need to know:

The name Kenya

Kenya is named after Mt. Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa. Mt. Kenya however, got its name from the Kikuyu, Meru and Embu tribes that refer to Mt. Kenya as Kirinyaga, Kirinyaa and Kinyaa respectively. The Brits could not really pronounce it the way the locals did and so they named it Kenia but was later changed to Kenya.

The Geography and Climate of Kenya

Kenya happens to be the 47th largest country in the world standing at 580, 367m2, roughly the same size as Texas in the USA. Its climate varies from place to place, but generally, it is usually chilly in the early morning and late evening. It is usually very hot in January through to March with the long rains coming in April through to June and the short rains coming in October to November/December.

Kenya Tanzania Safaris

Unrivaled Wildlife

The wildlife in Kenya, in terms of numbers and variety, is second to none in the world. The fact that the animal documentary, the Big Cat Diaries, was filmed in Kenya makes it more special and unique. Visitors throng Kenya each year to have a one on one view of the African wild.

Interesting Facts about Tanzania

Below are a few fun facts about Tanzania that you should know before you pack for the Kenya Tanzania Safaris:

Tanzania is home to the coconut crab

Tanzania is home to the world’s largest and most delicious crab – the coconut crab. It can be found on Chumbe Island and people who love seafood never leave Tanzania before having a taste of this sumptuous meal.


Just like Kenya, Tanzania has an amazing blend of wildlife with Africa’s most famous animal species being native to this land. More so is the fact that the wildebeest migration is part of its world’s most tourist attraction. This is a thing that Tanzania shares with Kenya as the wildebeests often migrate between the ecosystems of these two nations.

Tanzania Kenya Safaris

People and Culture

The population of Tanzania includes around 120 different African tribal groups with the largest group being the Sukuma who occupy the northwestern part of the country, which is south of Lake Victoria. The earliest people in Tanzania were hunters and gatherers before traders moved in from India, Asia and Persia to create a diverse mix of people and culture.

The above facts about Kenya and Tanzania are not conclusive, but give an idea of what these two beautiful countries are all about. It is good to know about these facts before setting out on Tanzania Kenya Safaris for that epic trip that most likely will just happen once in a lifetime.








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