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“ My tastes are simple — I am easily satisfied with the best.” Sir Winston Churchill

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This was the trip of a lifetime!

Wow… This was the trip of a lifetime! I felt like I was living in a National Geographic documentary the entire time I was on Safari! I was part of the group of three ladies and totally fell in love with Africa and hope to return in the next few years and will certainly be making my holiday arrangements with Maurice of Africa Safari Classics again. He was super professional and spot on with all his itinerary suggestions to make our safari feel seamless, effortless and completely stress free! Assigning us Jones, the safari guide/driver was a stroke of luck for us, as he fitted in so wonderfully with our dynamics, that we had the most awesome time. Not only did we learn a lot about Kenya/Africa and all the wonderful wildlife, but we also had lots of laughs with him and felt super safe the entire time! The gorilla tracking in Rwanda is also an absolute must, as this was the most incredible animal encounter I have ever experienced!  AFRICA…… I’ll be back!! :

Michaela Moller, Cairns, Australia.

“An epic trip of a lifetime”

Traveling with my parents and a friend to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday, I wanted to make sure the Tanzania safari part of the trip was perfect. Africa Safari Classics Ltd ensured that every detail was fantastic, that our trip went smoothly, and that everyone had an epic trip of a lifetime. They surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend the company for anyone looking for an adventure on safari.

From my first outreach to the company, the sales director, Maurice, was very professional and quick with replies to tailor-make the trip to the parks in Tanzania we wanted to visit. When the airline lost my friend’s bag on the way to Tanzania, we assumed we would never see it again. Imagine our surprise while on a game drive in the middle of the Serengeti, another vehicle popped up and handed over the bag! This is the kind of customer service that made Africa Safari Classics stand out!

Our driver guide Athman was exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. He went out of his way to make sure that we had an amazing experience and anticipated our needs before we even needed to ask for anything. He’s also a really good and kind person, with a great sense of humor– which is really important when you spend a week with someone. He knew the parks like the back of his hand and where to spot all the animals we were searching for. His knowledge of the animals and information about the parks was extensive, and he also told us a lot of interesting information about the people and towns that we drove through between the parks.

We saw the Big 5! We visited Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire parks– all filled with so much wildlife. Highlights included a cheetah playing with her four baby cubs, hippos wrestling, and a herd of buffalo standing down a pride of lions. Tanzania has some really beautiful national parks, and, having visited the parks in Kenya before, I highly recommend visiting the parks of both countries.

The accommodations we stayed at in each of the parks exceeded expectations with beautiful views, incredible wildlife, and amazing customer service. We particularly enjoyed the un-fenced tented camp in the middle of the Serengeti.

10 out of 10, I would highly recommend Africa Safari Classics Ltd to organize your safari!

Jonathan Obee, Lori Favazza, Dale Obee & Sherri Obee,
Washington DC, United States of America

“A lovely holiday”

We just got back from our holiday in Kenya and are still smiling from the wonderful experience this was…
We contacted several companies to arrange a safari but had the best feeling with Maurice from Africa Safari Classics. Every question/demand we had, he answered and gave suggestions, ending in a 9 day safari which was completely adapted to our needs. Especially his professionalism and speed of answering, as well as his competitive price got us to choose his company.
Arriving in Nairobi we got the sad news that one of our bags had not made it with us on the plane. When Maurice heard about this, he took over all the communication with the carrier and arranged for my luggage to be waiting for us in one of our lodges along the safari, which was great (thanks again Maurice!)!!

Our driver and guide Boniface had years of experience and that was very clear from day 1. He knew the parks like the back of his hand and when an animal was spotted by one of his colleagues he made sure we would be able to see it as well by finding the shortest route. He gave us information about the different animals along the way and tried to answer every possible question we had. We visited different parks on our trip and Boniface tried to spot as many different animals for us as he could. He also looked for the best angle to take our photos of all the wildlife 🙂 The accommodations during our safari were great, from a tent next to Masai Mara, to a fancy hotel room next to lake Naivasha, we liked all of them, as well as the very helpful staff there.

It was such an overwhelming and beautiful holiday and we are very happy it was organized by Africa Safari Classics! We would highly recommend contacting them if you are looking to go on a safari holiday!

Erik Frans Gilberte Vanbuggenhout & Evelien Verbaenen,
Brussels, Belgium

“A one in a lifetime must! (or twice if you can)”

Recently did a 5 day safari to Kenya with Africa Safari Classics. We went to Samburu and to Masai Mara. Very different, very complimentary. We were picked up at the airport, taken to our Nairobi hotel, then picked up again to take a small Cesna plane out to the Savanna. Two days in Samburu and 3 in Masai … went with two kids (15 and 13). We all had a blast, got to see all of the animals (except the elusive Rhino–so we have a reason to return!). Food was great, service was great, and the experience was wonderful. Maurice, our friend at Africa Safari Classics took care of everything and ensured we were safe, on schedule, and covered for all needs (thanks Maurice). I you can plan this around the big migration (we didn’t) definitely try! and if you do, do the balloon ride! Pick up a couple of adapters for extra electronics (our camp in Samburu didn’t have them). In Masai Mara, go see the village, and spend some money, it helps the local tribe. Also consider donating to an NGO working with the Masai! Take a good pair of binoculars (really important) and a good camera set on HIGH DEFINITION. The “Live” pictures on IPHONE are bad, since they are low definition and you end up with bad pictures–learned the hard way! This is a once in a lifetime thing that everyone on our planet must do! If we can come back (to see the Rhinos) we will! All around … excellent!

Jorge Daniel Taillant,
West Palm Beach, Florida US

“The safari was amazing”

“When looking to book a safari in Kenya I reached out to several different safari companies. It became evident very quickly that Africa Safari Classics was in a different class. Not only was Maurice extremely responsive, he also understood exactly what I was looking for and catered the proposal to my request. Before we left, Maurice came to our apartment to give my family a run down of what to expect on the safari and answer any questions that we had. This was not something that I expected but it was much appreciated and showed a high level of customer service. The safari was amazing – we saw more animals than we thought we would, had an very knowledgeable guide and stayed in really great camps. If I was to book another safari, I would absolutely book with African Safari Classics.”

Feel free to share our 7 Days safari experience by clicking on this link:

Lynn Ann Girard, Andrew William Girard, Michael Gary Weiss and Ann Elizabeth Weiss
Chicago, United States

“The trip will always remain in our hearts”

The trip was amazing it will always remain in our hearts. I recorded the sounds of Samburu and Masai Mara during sunrise and I have played them every morning since we left.

Your staff was extremely kind as well as the drivers at the hotels. I am definitely recommending you I am already talking with my friends and family to encourage them to visit Kenya with you.

Cheers and Thank you

Jorge Daniel & Romina Taillant Family
Florida, USA

“I can’t say enough about how great our safari experience was!”

Hi Maurice

I would be happy to give you feedback on our safari. We had such a great time!

Service from Africa Safari Classics was excellent, I never had to wait long for a reply and no question was too small to get an answer. The booking and payment were also easy, although it would be nice to use a credit card.

I can’t say enough about how great our safari experience was! We loved all of the accommodation, food, game drives and abundance of wildlife. We saw the big five in each country, and each country had very special moments (baby elephants in Amboseli and a leopard close up in Serengeti). Accommodation at the Dongwe Ocean View hotel in Zanzibar was beyond excellent! The staff took such great care of us and the food and room were wonderful, definitely want to visit there again!

Boni and Saidi were both fantastic, we really bonded with Boni and he went out of his way to find us the big cats, even staying out later than the majority of other guides, so that we could find the leopard in Maasai Mara. We really enjoyed Boni’s sense of humor and he fit in so well with our family. We’d love to do another Kenyan safari with him.

Saidi was excellent too, he was very friendly and knowledgeable and was excellent at finding the animals, he took us out an extra time to see cheetahs after everyone had left so we could get better pictures. He also handled the checkpoint at the Serengeti park very well, I think we would have been there much longer if not for his patience and diplomacy with the guards. Both drivers were very security conscious and took measures to make sure we were safe at wash room and banking stops and Boni went through the border checkpoint to Tanzania with us to make sure we were safe.

We are already planning our next safari since we had such a great time on this one, we’re thinking of Uganda and Kenya for next time. I would definitely book through African Safari Classics, we felt so taken care of. It was so great to see you, Maurice, at the hotel and talk to you at points throughout the safari, we knew we could reach you at any time if we had a problem, although we had no issues.

Yes, I recommend you. I always include the excellent service we got from you in my safari stories.

Darla J Rants Family
Tacoma, Washington State, United States of America

“The safari was far above and beyond what we had expected”

Hi Maurice,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything, the trip was amazing and I couldn’t say a single bad word.
The service provided by yourself prior to the safari was of the highest quality from the moment I sent the first enquiry. You were always very quick to reply, extremely helpful with anything I had enquired about and managed to put together the perfect itinerary based on our requirements. The payment process was nice and easy and you confirmed payments had been received very promptly.

The safari experience – The safari itself was an amazing experience. We had expected that it would be exactly this, and that we would see some amazing wildlife, but it was far above and beyond what we had expected. We saw too many amazing sights to list but I have to mention getting to catch the end of the annual migration was a particular highlight. The accommodation was of the highest quality and the staff at each property made sure we had a great time and we had everything we needed.

Our Driver – I could not express just how happy we were with Tony and how much he made the trip for us. From start to finish he was absolutely brilliant. He couldn’t have been any more helpful with anything that we asked for and his knowledge of each of the areas we visited meant that we were able to visit certain places and see things that others we had talked to did not get the chance to see and we are extremely grateful to him for this. He was always polite, friendly and happy to talk about anything with us. He was also very considerate of the fact I had my elderly grandmother with us and always made things as easy as possible for her. In terms of initiative he was excellent – quite a few times he made small changes to the itinerary that allowed us extra time in places we were particularly interested in visiting.

I definitely intend to return to Kenya – I would like to visit Tsavo & Amboseli next time – and would not consider booking with anyone else as I had such a great experience.

I would most certainly recommend your service to anyone I knew he was interested in visiting Kenya for a safari trip and in fact my sister has actually recommended you to someone looking to organize a trip soon so they should be in contact shortly.

Thanks again for everything and please pass on our thanks to Tony.

Luke Sadler Family
United Kingdom

“Our trip to Kenya exceeded our wildest imaginings”

We have been back home in Oregon for six weeks now following our remarkable and completely satisfying Kenya safari experience, which we had booked with Africa Safari Classics last spring.

It marked our first trip ever to the African continent, and we have returned home determined to venture back to Africa at some point in the next few years, as we clearly would like to see more! All along, we had consistently pleasant, timely, helpful and highly professional communications with Maurice, the company’s sales director, over a span of several months. We chose one of the company’s exciting 9-day set itineraries (“Wildlife in Style”), which began and ended in Nairobi and took us to five national parks and game reserves. This company had some of the most affordable rates for their package tours that we have seen in more than ten years of keeping an eye out for such a travel experience. Maurice even upgraded one of our bookings, due to low season special rates, to the Maasai Mara Basecamp, where the Obama Family had stayed ten years earlier!

As others have shared on this site, we could not have been happier with our driver, Boniface (a.k.a. Boni). He was an absolute delight the entire nine days we spent with him. He had incredible vision, which led to numerous animal sightings that the untrained eye would easily have missed! We covered great swaths of the country, including a few 5- to 7-hour days of driving, and Boni answered our many questions about various cities, tribes, and Kenya in general. He also has a great sense of humor, and our days with him were filled with multiple rounds of hearty laughter. He apparently has been a safari tour guide for nearly 20 years, and he clearly knows what he’s doing and where to take his passengers in each park and game reserve. When we make it back to Kenya, we definitely hope to have Boni as our driver and guide once again!

We had little idea that traveling to Kenya in November was an absolutely ideal time of year to visit! It marks their “short rains” season, following the long, hot dry season. It was like a spring-time trip, with temps in the 70’s or 80’s F, intermittent rains generating new greenery everywhere, and new water holes for the animals to play in. Most days started with brilliant, blue and sunny skies, puffy white clouds floating by, and occasional singular afternoon thunderheads floating over the plains. No problem for us rain-battered Oregonians, as we only wore our raincoats ONCE, for about an hour, the entire trip. It’s considered low season in November, so there were relatively few fellow tourists to contend with; usually no more than 10-20 other guests staying at each lodge we visited. (During our night at the Treetops Lodge in the Aberdares, we were the only registered guests, and got the full royal treatment of the staff!) We had not understood that many of the animals bear their newborns in Sept., Oct, and Nov., so we got to see LOTS of babies in every park we visited. We also did not know that Kenya has outlawed hunting of wildlife all across the country, which seems to generate a climate where the animals are not particularly bothered by safari vehicles and tourists. We had more “close encounters” than we could count, getting to within 15 or 20 feet of many animals, without them being spooked, including one instance of being right in the path of a stampeding herd of wildebeests. Boni took us out on anywhere from one to three game drives per day. We had countless opportunities for great photos and videos of the animals, likely getting enough footage and material for generating a new, amateur National Geographic documentary! We could not have been happier with the animal sightings we experienced, despite being in Kenya officially outside the annual migration season.

I should also add that we were extremely pleased with ALL the lodges and accommodations Maurice had booked for us throughout our time in Kenya, in Amboseli, Aberdares Treetops, Samburu, Lake Nakuru, and Maasai Mara. The food was consistently good and tasty, and the service was consistently outstanding. We had no stomach problems at all. I might add that most of the lodges we stayed at were a good distance off the major highways, often a good hour or more down fairly rough and poorly maintained dirt roads. Boni warned us of when we would be getting “good back massages” from the bumpy, bouncing drives along the way. This was the only aspect of our trip that was a bit of a downside. In all other ways, our trip to Kenya exceeded our wildest imaginings!

On our last night in Nairobi, before starting our long flight to Seattle (via Dubai), we insisted on taking Boni out to dinner, and Maurice was able to join us as well!. It was a very fitting and pleasant ending to what was likely the single greatest adventure my partner, Clark, and I have ever taken together! We have spoken so highly of our trip to many friends and family members, and we hope to be able to generate some more travel clients for Maurice as a result, in addition to making a return visit ourselves in the next few years!

Clark & Harry Sappington
Oregon, United States

“Wonderful time, can’t wait to go back!”

My sister and I went on an East African 9 day Safari in Kenya and Tanzania with Africa Safari Classics and have finally got around to doing a review (almost a year later, whoops)! We had a great time – loved the people and the environment. We’ll attempt to give you a brief or not so brief summary.

First night we stayed in EKA hotel in Nairobi, which was lovely, clean and had good food. Maurice, our contact for Africa Safari Classics met us at the hotel the morning of departure for safari and went through everything with us again, prior to introducing us to our first guide, Mackenzie, who looked after us very well in Kenya and taught us our first Swahili words.

The next morning we headed to Maasai Mara reserve, where we stayed for 2 nights at Basecamp Mara, which was amazing! We were blown away by the welcoming staff, fantastic accommodation and mass amounts of food (delicious, but a bit too much for us – 3 courses 3 times a day). Grounds were beautiful, ‘tent’ was amazing, loved the eco side of things and the positives for the environment. Also note President Obama and his family stayed at Basecamp Mara too. We were warned to lock our tents to stop the Baboons ‘taking our passports’ and going through things. Basecamp is mostly fenced; however one sides boundary is ‘fenced’ by a river that also backs onto the reserve. You can often see animals passing through the reserve from the camp grounds. The Maasai staff also danced for us one night too, which was great to see their culture. Reflecting back, I think Maasai Mara was the best animal viewing we had. We managed to get up close to Lions, Cheetahs and many others. We managed to see a small crossing at the Mara River also, and Mackenzie did a great job getting us good spots while not interrupting the animals or other viewers. I liked the accessibility of Maasai Mara – there were a lot more tracks that meant you could get to other spots more easily if you saw something in the distance.

Day 3: We drove from Maasai Mara (Kenya) to Serengeti (Tanzania). This was a very long day of driving, including through the border and immigration. We joined a small family and their guide for some of this day, who had booked with the same company. At the boarder we found our new driver, Abdul. Abdul, like Mackenzie, is a veteran at tour guiding and was a pleasure to be with. He joked with us and answered our many questions.

We arrived in the Serengeti with a little game drive and arrived at our accommodation at Serengeti Tented Bush Camp. Upon arrival it looked like a bunch of canvas tents in a field, but the tents were simply amazing! My sister was actually speechless. We had the most comfortable mattresses there compared to everywhere else on our entire trip (including Singapore). We each had a double bed to ourselves, accompanied by a writing desk and sitting chair with footstool. The ensuite had a flushing toilet, but you need to give notice when you want a shower so they can fill it for you. Worst shower we had, but they made up with everything else, plus what else can you expect in the middle of the Serengeti?! The staff were very friendly and loved teaching us Swahili around the campfire. The food was lovely, but not quite as great as Basecamp Mara. Most of our stories are from our time in the Serengeti. We loved just being with the staff, learning the language and seeing the animals pass through the field. This accommodation is not fenced at all and we loved it! The first night I saw our guard chase away a Hyena over dinner. The second night I woke to hear a pride of Lions killing something right outside the staff tent (roughly 150m away from us), then heard all the Hyena’s calling and fighting the Lions for the carcass. Hence why many of our stories come from that time.

Day 5: We left Serengeti and headed to Ngorongoro Crater in the hope of finding a Rhino. The Crater is worth a look as it’s quite fascinating. We did see one Rhino from afar, plus many other animals. We stayed at Bougainvillea Lodge, which wasn’t the best accommodation we had, but still quite good.

Day 6: We departed for Lake Manyara National Park. Lake Manyara was probably the prettiest park in my opinion due to the rainforest-like trees. Despite being the most beautiful, unfortunately it had the least animals and was quite anticlimactic at this stage in the trip. It’s worth noting that we apparently did the cheaper route – Kenya to Tanzania, rather than Tanzania to Kenya, but therefore meant the smaller parks were at the end. We didn’t see Lions in trees, which is unique to this park. We were told this is reasonably uncommon to see; not rare, but uncommon, mainly due to accessibility of cars. We stayed at Manyara Wildlife Camp, which was gorgeous once again!

Day 7: We headed to Tarangire National Park, which was quite pleasant. Stayed at Lake Burunge Tented Camp, which was fabulous! We had time to relax with a swim. The staff sang a version of happy birthday to someone, which was joyful, cheeky and simply beautiful!

I would definitely go back (if I ever save the money). The people are fabulous – kind and funny. The culture is fascinating and the animals are marvellous. Thank you, Maurice, for a wonderful time!

Jenna Blackwell & Tegan Blackwell,

“A Truly memorable Safari Experience in Tanzania”

Hi Maurice

We decided to contact Africa Safari Classics because their website ( was easily available, the client comments were most positive, and the company was based in Eastern Africa where we wanted to go. Maurice Nzwii, the very professional Sales Director of the company, recommended a custom-made safari in Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Lake Manyara National Parks just for the two of us.  Maurice was efficient during the entire planning stage of our trip. His tact and expediency in responding to our emails are truly commendable. Because our excellent guide Abdul knew all the back trails and places to find hard-to-see wildlife such as leopards, cheetahs, and rhinos, we felt privy to the entire parks.

We highly recommend Africa Safari Classics.

Jocelyn Goulet
Claude A Lessard,

“Great Experience”


What a great experience we had which started with your warm greetings at the airport and continued with each interaction we had at Basecamp Mara. We were thrilled to be able to stay in the same tent that President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama stayed in. It really started the trip off on a high note.
Sam was an amazing guide and provided us with an experience we will never forget as we were able to see a Lion, Lioness (2 sets), Cheetah, Elephants, Giraffe, Impala and Buffalo to name a few.
In the short time we were there it was great learning a little about the Masai Tribe and their way of life. We can’t wait to get back home to California and share our experience with family, friends and colleagues.
As we reflect on our trip once we return you may see more glowing reviews on social media which I’ll try and share with you.
Take care and thank you again for a great experience.

Michael Tadesse-Bell
Tadesse-Bell Sara
California, United States

“We Highly recommend Africa Safari Classics”

Hi Maurice,

We have back to the reality world and start our work as well. Everything is fine. It was a very memorable time for me and my wife with you and Boniface when we are in Kenya.

As I told you before, we have enquired several travel agents from the Kenya Tourism Official Website and your Company is the fastest one which gave us the feedback, and of course, the price is reasonable when compared to the other agents. We are much appreciated that your Company gave a lot of advices to us by emails which made us have more information on our mind.

The safari is good and Sunbird Lodge is a very good accommodation with lovely scenes, delicious food and facilities. The room is also very nice as we can look at the lake when we woke up. If we have more times, we can spend times in the Sunbird lodge and walk around the surrounding and have some times on enjoying the sunbath and swimming. It should be very nice then.

I would like to give Boniface a thumb. He always keeps the car clean as well as himself. We wanna say a big thanks to Boniface for taking us to the places, he is very good at spotting the animals and he drove us to watch many animals, with the help from Boniface. We are very lucky that we could watch the BIG 5 in the first 2 days trip. Boniface told us many animals’ information like the features of the animals and how to distinguish the male and female carnivores and herbivores. Boniface is very on-time, patient person who take care of us very well, he reminded us every time to safeguard our camera when we crosses some lakes and roads. When we started our first game drive in Masai Mara National Reserve, Boniface brought us to an area where a dead Thomson Gazelle’s was on the tree, suddenly Boniface told us the Leopard was heading towards the tree and he drove on the underbrush and let us see more clearly. The Leopard climbed on the tree and started its meal, it is a very precious moment as Leopard is hard is find and we can watch the whole process from climbing to eating.

Overall speaking, the Kenya Trip was a very good experience and memory for me and my wife and we will never forget the scenes we saw during the safari. As we back to work, we still not have too much time to sit down and share the nice photos with our friends, but we are very sure that we will highly recommend the Company, and the tour guide to our friends. Hope we can back to Africa and see with you guys in the coming futures. Cheers ^^


Kit Man Chan & Ka Yan Lau
Hong Kong

“Great 7days/6nights Safari”

We (me and my girlfriend) did a 7 days/ 6 nights Safari with Africa Safari Classics and had a great time (last week in September 2016). We visited Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro.

The game drives have been really good and we had enough time for the observations of all different kinds of wildlife. We never had the feeling that we are in a hurry and also took ways offsite the crowds of jeeps. Our driver guide (Athman) was telling us many things about the animals and also about the cultural background of the people of Tanzania. All accommodations have been clean, in good conditions and with friendly staff. We stayed in Lake Burunge Tented Camp, Manyara Wildlife Camp, Serengeti Tanzania Bush Camp, Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge and Migunga Tented Camp. The only thing we would change: spend more time in Ngorongoro crater. We just had half a day there and would recommend to stay there for at least a full day.


Tino Martin & Karen Bayer

“Perfect Arrangements”

Hello Africa Safari Classics,

Hope you are well. Again, many, many thanks for planning our 2016 holiday in Kenya. Your arrangements were perfect. Maurice and McKenzie were the highlight of our holiday.

They took extra care of us and made us feel at home. Your itinerary allowed us to revel in Kenya’s beauty and appreciate the huge development challenges facing our continent.

Most importantly that we are slowing moving towards a better place.

Again, Baie Baie Dankie!

Shamima Vawda
Jateen Raman Vawda
Johannesburg, South Africa

“It was a wonderful trip”

Hello Africa Safari Classics,

We just came back from our Kenyan trip.
It was a wonderful trip, very well organized and we are very much satisfied with your arrangements.
Your representative Mr. Maurice made sure that everything went very smoothly and our special thanks to our tour guide and driver Mr. Jones, who is an excellent and safe driver with deep knowledge about the routes. I must say that in future also we prefer Mr. Jones as our driver in case we happened to go to Kenya. Overall experience was very good and we thank you for choosing the best hotels, and making all the arrangements.

Thank you and Best Regards

Martin Jose
Dubai, UAE

“A wonderful adventure that I will never forget”

Hi Maurice

I want to first and foremost tell you how much I enjoyed my time in Kenya and especially the Mara.  Just a wonderful place and I will hopefully return in the not too distant future.

Thank you so much for your help and for the wonderful adventure that I will never forget.


Heather Mckay
United States

“Africa Safari Classics surpassed all our expectations”

Hi Maurice

Hope you are well and business is busy. As promised, here are some comments and feedback following our dream Kenyan safari:
Service from Africa Safari Classics in handling our booking/payment before coming to Kenya was very prompt with responses and very informative. Airport transfers – great to have friendly faces waiting on arrival and so lovely to see Maurice again at the end. Accommodation exceeded expectations – recommendations Maurice made enhanced our safari experience. Food was plentiful with lots of variety, and was of a high standard. The 4×4 was comfortable and enabled great game viewing. The game drives were enhanced by the experience, driving skill, driving care and knowledge of our Driver/Guide Nicholas. He, amazingly, seemed to know his way around all the game parks and his game observation skills and dedication to finding us the best sightings possible was most appreciated. Our safari was unbelievable in every way, largely due to the quality of Nicholas’s guiding.

I found Africa Safari Classics through the Safari Bookings website. Subsequent email communications with Maurice then increased my confidence in pursuing a booking. Any concerns or questions I had raised throughout the booking process were answered promptly and confidently by Maurice. Would most definitely use ASC if we ever returned to East Africa and have no hesitation in recommending ASC to anybody… in fact I would strongly recommend they use ASC and am happy to communicate this to any of your future clients if required.

I believe the entire safari experience is dependent on the organization of the safari company and the quality of the guide. Africa Safari Classics surpassed expectations on both counts, resulting in a dream safari for my parents and I – they still haven’t stopped talking about it and I cannot thank Maurice and Nicholas enough for that.

Thanks again Maurice for all you have done for us.

Leanne Vogler
Sydney, Australia

“What an amazing trip!”

Hi Maurice and Team from Africa Safari Classics,

We are now to our routine in London, going to work again… and we could not conclude this amazing trip without thanking you for all your professional work. The experience in Kenya has been a lifetime experience, completely over the expectations. We have had the best advices and guidance, accommodation, service and of course, best driver, John!! We have seen EVERYTHING, and it has been beautiful to understand the wonders of the Kenya that close.

We had no problems at all. The communication with you has been helpful and excellent since the first time we got in touch. You have been very honest and reliable from the beginning and completely open to adapt the Safari to our needs and budget.
We have already recommended you to all our friends and relatives. We have to come back soon and see more of that beautiful Africa with you!!!

Once again Thanks

Dr. Sarah Sirvent Mestre & Vladimir Avrov Avrova
London, United Kingdom

“Dream holiday for my parents”

Hi Maurice,

Thank you so much again to yourself and Nicholas for making our dream African safari a reality. I will definitely forward you some comments and a great review as soon as I return home in a couple of weeks & I will be recommending you to everyone!

Kenya is such a wonderful place and I’m so glad my parents have been able to experience it. Will be in touch soon.

Hope all is well with you.

Miss Leanne Vogler
Mr. Robert Vogler
Mrs. Jennifer Vogler
Sydney, Australia

“Highly Recommended”

Hi Maurice

It was a nice surprise to meet you too in Arusha, I wasn’t expecting to see you but it’s always good to put a face to a name. Thanks for coming to meet us.

I was extremely happy with the communication from you prior to making my booking. You always responded promptly. You also went out of your way to tailor a holiday to suit our interests and budget. Both of these factors encouraged me to book with your company. You seemed professional, your website appeared professional and you offered to Skype. Your attention to detail and promptness was reassuring.

Our driver/guide was excellent. We were very happy with his knowledge and expertise in finding the animals and providing information. He was attentive and looked after us well. He was a safe and competent driver and we enjoyed his company as he spoke good English and was clearly experienced. All these skills and factors added to the enjoyment of our trip.

The standard of the accommodation was excellent and service good wherever we stayed. We were lucky enough to get upgraded from Tloma to Kitela Lodge which was a pleasing and lovely bonus!

I would certainly recommend your company to friends and family. I certainly hope to come back to East Africa again and would use your organization if booking a safari or activity holiday.

Our trip exceeded my expectations in terms of standard of accommodation, service and enjoyment.

I would like to thank you again and wish your Organization every success for the future.

Please let me know if this is the feedback you require and whether you have any further queries.

Many thanks again.

Helen Percival & Nicola Stone
United Kingdom

“Trip of a lifetime”

Hi Maurice,

Thank you so much for coordinating an amazing trip. It was flawless from beginning to end. From the flight to the camp, drivers, and meals, it was perfect. It was a trip of a lifetime and I’ll always be grateful for your work to make it happen so beautifully.


Zara Mercy Bott-Goins







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