5 Simple Steps to Planning a Safari in Kenya

Travelling to Kenya for a safari is on the bucket list of so many foreigners. Whether you are a local or travelling miles away to enjoy a safari in Kenya, proper preparation is key to having the very best experience. The Kenya we all know and love has so much to offer and you may not be able to experience it all during your holiday. But planning well will ensure you get the most of it. Here’s how to plan a safari in Kenya.

How to Plan a Safari in Kenya

We encourage travelers to start planning for a safari as early in advance as possible. Early planning helps you to get affordable rates and also a better selection of accommodation spots, especially if travelling during the high season. With that said, here are some simple steps to follow when planning a safari in Kenya.

#1 Know your options

A little background research will go a long way to ensure that you get the most experience in your safari. Research on some of the places you can visit in Kenya and narrow down your options. Consider factors such as proximity, cost and availability when making your choices.

Your Safari Options in Kenya

#2 Contact a travel agent

Planning a safari in Kenya, especially if you are not a local is going to be a challenge for you if you don’t do it with the help of an agent. Travel agents have a lot of information on the best places to visit at affordable rates. They may just save you some time and money on your travel so take your time and choose a reputable agent that you can trust to take care of your trip.


#3 Get all the information on your travel

Make sure you get all the information regarding your travel from the agent. Don’t just assume that everything is well taken care of. Many vacationers end up in a dilemma when they get to the safari in Kenya only to realize that what they expected on their travel was not what they get. Get all the nitty gritty details about your accommodation, transport and places you’ll visit to avoid any unwelcome surprises on your safari.

Kenya Safaris - Information About Kenya

#4 Confirm bookings

Just before you start packing your bags to enjoy a safari in Kenya, make the necessary calls to confirm your bookings. Double bookings are not new and you don’t want the stress of having to look for a different accommodation or change your plans when you arrive in Kenya. Make sure the bookings are done accurately by making the necessary calls.

Booking Safari in Kenya

#5 Make payments early

Last but not least, make the required payments early to ensure that your bookings are successful. Many people end up in a dilemma when they don’t pay for accommodation, especially in the peak season and the spots they had booked are taken up by those who paid fully.

Pay Online for your Kenya Safaris

Confirm with the hotel or airport if the payments are needed immediately and try your best to fulfill your end of the bargain.







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