10 Factors to Evaluate when Searching for the Best Safari Camps in Kenya

There are lots of different places to stay while on an African Safari. From the luxurious tented camps to safari lodges and bush camps. Whatever you choose will depend on your budget and needs as well as the places you find most comfortable and relaxing.

But most importantly, you want to find safari camps in Kenya that offer an exceptional food and dining experience with proper management, a good location and reasonable price. Those are among the factors we shall discuss below to help you find a safari camp that’s perfect for your holiday.

 Finding the perfect safari camps in Kenya

Everyone has a unique set of needs when it comes to safari accommodation. There’s a traveler whose top priority is to find a location that has the best view whereas someone else prefers a camp with the best dining arrangement and quality service. While we all want to experience the best on a safari, the accommodation options we choose should be able to meet the criteria below.

Safari Camps and Lodges in Kenya

#1 Security

Lodges that are situated in the middle of the bush should be secure from wild animals at night. They need to be surrounded by electric fences and other security measures taken to ensure the animals do not get an open access to the lodge or camp. You just need to feel comfortable, safe and secure while on holiday and not afraid all the time.

#2 Food and Dining

Most safari lodges offer buffet dinner but some offer private dining as well where you can have them prepare any kind of dishes you feel most suitable. Some lodges also offer outdoor dining experiences so make sure you find out what dining arrangements they have before you book.

#3 Recommendations

You obviously want to book safari camps in Kenya that have been recommended by other travelers. Go through a number of review sites to see some of the complaints and compliments the lodge has received. What are some of the areas that people actually love about the camp or lodge? Is it clean, does it offer good management and quality of service? These are some things you can quickly pick from reviews.

#4 Location

Kenya is a huge country so one of the things you need to ensure is that your safari lodge or camp is easy to get to. The camp should have an airline connection if it is located in the middle of the bush. The safari experience should start from the time you land in Kenya.

Safari Lodges in Kenya

#5 Camp atmosphere/ views

The best safari camps in Kenya have properly designed rooms with facilities such as air conditioning and mosquito nets that keep you safe and comfortable. Look for these simple delightful additions that make you feel at home, even though you are in the middle of the bush. A perfect safari holiday should be relaxing and comfortable for you throughout and you shouldn’t feel like you are trying too hard to stay comfortable.

#6 Facilities for relaxation

Safari camps can have all the facilities you expect to find in a 7-star hotel. There are those that have an outdoor pool that you can enjoy in the evenings when it’s really hot after you come from your morning game drive. Others have other facilities like spas and pool tables where you can just relax and enjoy your stay.  This way, you can have a fully packed vacation to spend and enjoy every moment of it.

#7 Quality of guiding

Most safari camps and lodges in Kenya have their own tour guides so you don’t have to look for one when it’s time to go for a game drive. The good thing with good guides is that they really help you to learn a lot about the area and you are also more likely to see the big 5 and other animals if you have a good guide with experience. Most of the guides know where the animals hide so you won’t have to spend hours on a game drive searching for them especially if you travelled during the hot season.

 #8 Attractions nearby

The last thing you want to do while on a safari is spend a lot of time on the road heading to different places. You can avoid this by choosing a safari camp/lodge in Kenya that is close to major attractions. Camps that are central to other attractions are better because you get to visit so many places at once and do not have to experience the tedious journey of travelling from place to place when you should be enjoying the different attractions in places like the Mara.

Safari Lodges and Safari Camps in Kenya

#9 What safari vehicle will you use

Safari lodges or camps in Kenya usually have their own vehicles to take tourists for game drives. Make sure the vehicle is comfortable because you will be spending a lot of time on the bumpy roads of most parks and reserves in Kenya. A good car can go off-road to track animals and is open on the sides to give the perfect view.

#10How many people will you go with to a game drive?

Most importantly, you’ll want to know how many people will be going with you on a game drive. Most cars can carry up to 9 guests but you’ll need to confirm that with the safari camp. The drive will be more comfortable if you don’t travel in a squeezed car.








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