The Wildebeest Migration in Kenya- Viewing Tips for Every Traveler

Every year, one of the greatest wildlife spectacles happens between Tanzania’s Serengeti plains and Kenya’s Masai Mara. They call it the Great wildebeest migration. Often described as a movement of millions of Africa’s greatest predators in search of water and grass, the migration attracts guests from all over the world.

It usually happens between May and December but it’s very hard to predict the exact location where the animals are at a specific point in time. Millions of animals take part in the migration and they can be scattered in different places at a time.

Travelers Tips Great Wildebeest Migration Kenya

Since the animals can cover a very huge area, there is a possibility of going to an area where the migration has already passed or the animals are yet to arrive. But everyone wants to see the thousands of animals, that’s why we will give you some tips on how to increase your chances of experiencing the wildebeest migration in Kenya.

7 tips to view the wildebeest migration in Kenya

#1 Know the likely timing of the migration: It is almost impossible to predict the location of the animals at any particular time. However, there are certain patterns that have been studied for many years concerning the great wildebeest migration in Kenya. So even before you start your trip, do some thorough research and understand the likely timing based on previous experiences.

#2 Travel to Kenya from mid-July to September: The wildebeests are usually moving away from Serengeti from mid-July. To increase your chances of seeing the animals crossing the Mara River, then try your best to visit Kenya from mid-July.

#3 Book your travel early enough: Don’t be surprised to find most of the hotels and lodges especially in Masai Mara fully booked from June. Most visitors travel to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya and so getting quality accommodation at affordable rates will be almost impossible. Start planning for your travel as early as January so that by June, you’ll have the best accommodation to catch a glimpse of the migration from a park near your lodge.

Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya

#4 Travel with an experienced guide: Going for a safari with an experienced guide is always beneficial. For one, most of the guides already know where the migration is likely to be taking place at a particular point in time, so they’ll save you a lot of time looking for wildlife while on your safari. Additionally, an experienced guide will give you all the details of the migration you need to know during your travel so you’ll leave that place informed and well versed with the activities of this natural phenomenon.

#5 Avoid game drives when it’s wet: The wet season is usually not the best for game drives. You need to consider the hot season because during this time, the bushes are not very dense and it’s easy to spot wildlife. Furthermore, most of the parks, especially in the Mara have very bumpy roads and travelling during the wet season may be a disaster because it gets muddy and you are likely to get stuck for hours along the way. It can get extremely cold during the wet season and even difficult for a guest to enjoy the game drive. Opt for warm or hot weather because you’ll spot animals far easily.

#6 Travel to Masai Mara in April: Although it can turn out to be such a huge risk, travelling to the Mara before the peak season can be much cheaper and you may still be able to spot the wildebeest migration in Kenya if there is an early arrival. Last year, the migration occurred from April and many wildebeests were spotted in Masai Mara. Travelers who had visited the area at that time were able to enjoy this wonderful phenomenon without having to pay the peak season prices.

#7 Research thoroughly on the lodges: Before you decide to book any lodge, do thorough research and understand what they have to offer. Get every detail of your package and make sure you understand what you’ll have to pay for in cash. Sometimes you may have to pay for the game drive separately so ensure that it is included in the package you buy. Most importantly, plan early enough for the wildebeest migration and you will enjoy every aspect of it.

You are now all set to come and be part of this world wonder that is the great wildebeest migration in Kenya.








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