Getting the Best Experience on Kenya Tanzania Safaris

If you are thinking of taking an African Safari then combining two of East Africa’s finest is the best you can do. You can plan for Kenya Tanzania Safaris and get an experience of a lifetime. Visiting these countries individually is exotic, but combining the two for your ultimate African safari is simply magical. You will get a chance to take in a wide range of Kenya’s wildlife and Tanzania’s breathtaking landscapes.

There are so many activities you can indulge in while on this great safari of the two East African nations. It is not all about the wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, it is important to note that Kenya and Tanzania share one spectacular feature – the great migration of the wildebeest. The migration takes place once a year between these two countries and it has been one major tourist attraction.

Top 5 places to visit while on Kenya Tanzania Safaris

Top 5 places to visit while on Kenya Tanzania Safaris

Blending Kenya and Tanzania as your safari destinations can give you double delight and memories to last a lifetime. Below are some of the places you can visit while at it:

Explore the Serengeti

A magical safari to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania happens to be in the bucket list of many travelers. The good thing is that there are usually tour packages that ensure you get a chance to be at the Serengeti even on a shoestring budget. The Serengeti boasts of expansive savannahs and woodlands that house some of the most incredible wildlife spectacles. It is usually the go to place during the yearly migration of the wildebeest.

Enjoy a city safari in the heart of Nairobi

While many travelers pass through this East African hub on their way to other safari destinations, they rarely notice that there is a safari destination right in the heart of the city. Nairobi National Park is a short drive from the international airport and offers wildlife enthusiasts a safari experience, especially those who are short on time. The good thing about this park is that visitors can now get accommodation within its premises to save them from the crazy traffic jams that hit the city sometimes.

Visit Zanzibar, the island capital

Zanzibar has breathtaking marine life, with dolphins and other sea creatures creating a great viewing galore. While here you can also spot a healthy population of the endangered red colobus monkeys and Aldabra tortoises. Do not forget to savor the rich Swahili delicacies while in Zanzibar!

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An adventure in Kenya’s dramatic North

Any adventurous visitor can take a trip to Kenya’s dramatic north, while on Kenya Tanzania Safaris. Here you will take in the breathtaking landscapes, like Africa’s second highest mountain (Mt. Kenya) as well as the world’s largest desert lake (Lake Turkana). You can travel to Ol Pejeta conservancy, through the semi-arid Samburu National Reserve and finish your journey by crossing the volcanic terrain of Chalbi desert.

View the wildebeest migration

No other region in the world has recorded mass movement of animals like Kenya and Tanzania has. This spectacular movement has seen Kenya and Tanzania become favorite tourist attractions between June and October each year as this is the time this amazing movement happens. Visitors are left in awe as to how the animals fight for their lives while crossing the crocodile infested Mara river to the plains in search of greener pastures.

The above Kenya Tanzania Safaris travel locations simply suggest the areas of interest that a tourist can decide to visit. Visitors can either choose to start their safaris in Kenya or Tanzania. It all depends on their plans. Above all else, having fun and creating memories remains the buzzword.








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