5 Tips to Get the Most of Tanzania Safaris

If you are planning on a Tanzania safari, you still have a lot to learn. We will break it down to you in a very simple and exciting manner so that you go prepared to enjoy the best of Tanzania. Like many travelers, you expect to do a lot of game drives, especially in famous parks like the Serengeti. So if you love animals, safaris in Tanzania can be just perfect for you.

One thing you need to remember is that travel experiences are very personal so what one would consider a wonderful getaway may not fit the tastes of someone else. With this in mind, we will try to keep the tips as general as possible to help you prepare for Tanzania safaris. The other nitty gritty details, you can always plan for as you go. But here are some words of advice for your trip to Tanzania.

Tanzania Safaris Tips - Lion Pride

1. Plan to spend enough time in Tanzania

Tanzania is not one of those places you go to visit for a week. Plan to spend adequate time in Tanzania or else you’ll leave feeling like there so much you didn’t do. Plan a vacation for at least 3 weeks or a month so that you have adequate time to visit the best places while on your safari. If you are planning on visiting the larger parks, spend at least 4 days there so that you are able to experience the best game drive.

2. Expect crowds in Serengeti

The Serengeti is the most popular national park in Tanzania. In fact, most Tanzania safaris will almost always include a visit to Serengeti so don’t be shocked to find lots of crowds in the park regardless of when you are paying a visit. If you don’t like crowds, then look for other smaller parks in Tanzania that still offer an amazing wildlife gaming experience. The Katavi National park is well known for the big cats and it’s less crowded compared to the Serengeti during the peak season. But if you want to see the elephants, visit Mikumi National Park. There are other amazing parks in Tanzania you’ll just need to do a little research prior to your visit.

3. Choose the right mode of transportation

If you are planning on travelling to various parks in Tanzania, there are lots of ways to get there. Consider taking a train other than going by road, especially to those parks that are easy to access by railway. You can get to experience some amazing landscapes and Tanzania’s natural rainforest on your way. The other advantage of using the railways is that it’s way cheaper than going by bus or using a private car.

4. Visit Mt. Kilimanjaro

How can you claim to have visited Tanzania without climbing the tallest mountain in Africa? You don’t have to do the hiking challenge, visiting the Kilimanjaro to just appreciate the beauty of the landscapes and rare trees is good enough.

5. Interact with the locals

It’s known that Tanzanians are among the friendliest people on earth. You at least need to learn the basic Swahili and say hi back to the locals when you meet them. Meeting people who are constantly happy to greet you is something you shouldn’t take for granted and expect to find lots of them in Tanzania.

Tanzania Safari Tips - Herd of Elephant

The Best of Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania safaris are likely to be the best you ever planned. You can create a once in a lifetime experience and enjoy the most of the East African country. Though we strongly recommend you take a visit that is at least a month long, whatever chance you get to visit Tanzania, don’t let it go. You will certainly enjoy it.








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